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Portraits can be shot at your home or almost any outdoor location. We have a few backdrops to choose from for in-home portrait sessions. Do you have an idea in mind for an outdoor setting, but aren't sure where you can get that type of picture? We have ways to improvise without taking away from the final product.


Our landscape photos can be of just about anything. Our ancestors and generations before us were known to hang landscape photographs on the wall behind their sofa. This is a passion of one of our photographers. If you can think of what you want to see in a photograph, we will do our very best to achieve that photograph.

Vehicles & Motorcycles

These are a sample of photographs taken at car shows. There are more in a folder in the gallery. After entering your email address, you will be able to view several others. Some photos are taken with the owner in the shot, others are photos of the car. We know that some people treat there car as a family member and we want to portray that beauty in the shot.


Outdoor photographs are one photographer's favorite type to shoot. When this photographer uses her nature photos as wallpaper on her computer, she is frequently asked where she found the photo so others can use the same one. Most are in awe at the fact the photograph was taken by someone they know.

Web Design

We use a variety of hosts, with very good reasons. After the design is complete, we teach you how to do basic edits. We are available for all edits, but want to help you save money, when possible.


Are you looking to have a logo designed? Need to have other graphic work completed? Want help with website design? We can help you. Fill out the Contact Us form with as much information as you know about the project and we will get back to you with a price.